VoMA is a unique opportunity to hear the stories and histories of artists from across the world. Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible to anyone with an internet connection. The museum becomes a truly communal experience where the voices of the visitors can be added to the conversation.

"At the centre of any moment of social change or dissent throughout history, you will always find artists.

This exhibition looks at the ways that contemporary artists have, and continue to, engage with protest and activism. As our right to protest is gradually eroded, they show us its power and importance, how people can contribute to change, and what happens when dissenting voices are repressed.

Art has the power to elicit social change. Even where their artistic voice was strictly controlled by higher powers, the artists represented here have helped to contribute to global conversations around religious repression, slavery, misogyny, social justice, freedom of speech and human rights.

Voma: save the boards 

The accessibility of the boards is extremely important. As we continue to collect, & preserve these murals, we’ll also be scanning / documenting them three-dimensionally. Cultivating virtual space allows the boards to be used as tools of healing, learning and reflection long after the physical pieces begin to deteriorate or move into their next phase of life.

It is also important that the boards remain with the people, and the city with which they were created in and for. Sharing them in online spaces allows us the opportunity to share them outside of our immediate community without physically removing them from it.

If you are a black creative, digital artist, or just interested in in learning about board preservation work, GET email us at savetheboards.mpls@gmail.com
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