VoMA is a unique opportunity to hear the stories and histories of artists from across the world. Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible to anyone with an internet connection. The museum becomes a truly communal experience where the voices of the visitors can be added to the conversation.

October 18 2021 

Jefferson Community School Workshop 

Founder of Save the Boards, Kenda Zellner-Smith spoke with two classes of 5th graders about Mpls protest art, and the power of community. Students got to see boards, ask questions, share stories, and walk through Uptown in search of boards that still remain on businesses. Save The boards donated 10 blank boards to the Jefferson 5th grade classes, as well as materials and supplies for students to recreate their own boards within the coming weeks. 

September 25 2021 

Franconia Sculpture Park 25th Anniversary 

Authority and Visibility in Public Space,” is the first of three public art installation works to be installed on the highly-visible corner of Highways 8 and 95, providing emerging Minnesota artists of color a platform for exploring race in rural spaces. This first installation is curated by the ethereal and joyous Yasmeenah, a creative who is not afraid to reflect the times while prioritizing joy and celebration on the continuous path towards liberation. Yasmeenah is a first-generation Somali-American DJ, Curator, and Art Organizer based in South Minneapolis. This project is a celebration of the people who embody “Authority and Visibility” on their own terms. Yasmeenah lives and examines the intersections of creation, music, queerness, and Blackness as she believes art is essential for radical movements.

September 11 2021 

Open Streets West Broadway 

Save the Boards participated in Open Street West Broadway, displaying boards and providing paint boards and paint supplies for event participants to create with.