Recent Events

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Ad Council’s 67th Annual Public Service Award Dinner

December 3, 2021

The Ad Council’s 67th Annual Public Service Award Dinner Celebrates Extraordinary Accomplishments and Inspires a Future That is Better Together. 

The event highlighted personal stories from individuals throughout the country whose experiences and actions have inspired their communities amid complex challenges since the onset of the pandemic, including:

Tangible / Intangible Project Launch 

December 4, 2021

The Tangible/Intangible series explores how actions, ideas, and the spirit of places become embodied in our visual, material, and digital world. Curated by Rebekah Coffman, themes include design, craft, reuse, ritual, pilgrimage, protest, migration, and more through the voices of artists, architects, historians, preservationists, and community members.

For our first series, we are joined by contributors Sher Afgan Tareen, Kenda Zellner-Smith, Kassie Bradshaw Kmitch, Megan Bredeson, Adam Dudley-Mallick, Ashley Kochiss, Saulaman Schlegel, and Matthew Wright

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