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Meet the Founder

Life-long South-Sider and founder of Save the Boards Minneapolis, Kenda Zellner-Smith has contributed to the preservation work of over 800 plywood boards and murals created after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Driven by the panic she felt as she watched these pieces of art created by Twin Cities artists and community members alike disappear as quickly as they came, Zellner-Smith began Save the Boards by enlisting the help of friends and volunteers to call local businesses, pass out flyers, and roam the streets of Minneapolis in search of boards before they were otherwise discarded. 



The Full Story

With no background in art preservation, Zellner-Smith realized early on in her preservation efforts, that the boards alone would not generate the accountability and reform Minneapolis community members and other cities alike, have been so desperately pleading for. With this understanding, she also recognized that the boards could still be used as tools of learning, reflection, and healing by keeping them physically accessible within the community with which they were created in and for. 

Save the Boards plans to continue exploring creative ways to activate this art through

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